“We believe that the materials and the stories thus taken from the raw can be finer than the acted article. Spontaneous gesture has a special value on the screen. Cinema has a sensational capacity for enhancing the movement which tradition has formed or time worn smooth.”

- John Grierson // First Principles of Documentary // 1932

 I first held a camera at five years old, started shooting video of pickup games with my friends by eleven, and recorded pro basketball games to sift through and edit highlights the following year. My fascination with cameras and production has continued to grow as my love for storytelling sprouted into a career as a videographer. It didn’t take me long to determine that I didn’t want to be Spielberg; directing large productions has never been of much interest to me. My passion isn’t about the cameras, crews, tech or glamour. My passion is for using the medium I love to properly expose the people, organizations and companies that are changing the world of those around them. For being a conduit for entrepreneurs, artists and philanthropists to bring their message to the masses in the most effective way.

My passion is for telling the stories of real people doing real things to improve the lives of their families, communities and industries.

A product of the DSLR and camera-phone revolution myself, I’m well aware of how much the video production barriers-to-entry have fallen; YouTube means that anyone in the world can produce media, but the vast majority of videographers marketing their services don’t have the resources to take on large projects. On the flip side, the production companies are too expensive, intrusive and slow for many companies and organizations. Large crews with fancy lights and screens; permits, location scouts, scripts and storyboards; a post-production process involving dozens of people; these are great things for large-scale production. But 95% of the economy doesn’t need large-scale production. This is why I’ve re-conceptualized the entire process and launched PropX.

Being a one-man band for the past 13 years, I’ve developed the workflows and processes necessary for extremely efficient video production and post without sacrificing quality, ever. My consistent 1:2 ratio of production to editing time means that you can bring frequent, high quality, compelling visual content to your audience without blowing the budget. A crew of no more than three members leaves a small footprint and can be utilized in a number of situations a production crew just couldn’t. Will every shot be masterfully lit? Of course not - but that’s what makes documentary-style content marketing compelling to the mass audience. No scripts, no storyboards, no lights, no fluff; just you and your team doing what you do best without the pretenses. Real people, doing real things to improve the lives of their families, communities and industries. That’s what PropX is about.

Jeb Kicker